From the scam files:

Dear Friend,

I wish the best in life for you and your family, and I hope you will receive this mail in good spirit and
respond quickly with utmost secrecy and confidentiality. I got your address through my friend
that works with my country's chambers and commerce, but I did not disclose to him my exact intention of
requiring from him a contact information of somebody that can be trusted in a business exploration in your

My name is Mr. Anthony E. Johnson and I am chief operations of the security of the former president
Charles Taylor of Liberia. Please, protect this mail for the safety of my life and that of my family to
avoid us being tortured or killed by the new government of President Moses Blah, formal Vice
president to the formal President, Charles Taylor.Please, I humbly beg you from the bottom of my heart to listen very carefully to me. I have just survived
the second assassination plot on me, which I believe are the security agents from the president, Moses Blah,
who doesn't want to incorporate any of the officers that have saved the Liberian government under the
government of our formal President, Charles Taylor. So, I don't think that I am safe, while still serving under
this present government, but I will continue to serve my father's land with my sincere heart and protect her

Please, listen to me very carefully, our former president, president Charles Taylor, gave me the sum of
US$30 Million, in cash, to purchase some special kind of ammunitions from the Russian government unofficially,
which I purposely deposited in a foreign security company and reported to him that the Ammunitions
have been purchased and supplied to our different commands, to be able to flush out all the sectional rebels
that were against his government. I did that because there is no other way to prove to myself that I am against his
(Charles Taylor's) government. Now, the new government still doesn't appreciate me, instead, wants me dead.

Please, my good friend, I want you to do me a life time favor. I have only one son and his name is Mr.
Patrick Johnson. He is 22years old, and I have sent him to permanently reside in the Netherlands because
that is where I deposited the fund (US$30million). It is contained in two boxes and deposited in a security
company in my son's name, which my son is aware of, but I declared to the security company that the
boxes contained expensive jewelries and my community generational art works.

Please, you will help me to safeguard this fund (US$30Million) in your country, by establishing 89%
of the total sum in a profitable business venture for my son, while he lives under your care over there in
your country, so that if I remain alive, my son can sponsor me to run as a presidential candidate in the
coming political dispensation. While 1% will be set aside for any expenses that might occur after
withdrawing the boxes from the security company and to transfer the fund to your nominated bank
account, and the remaining 10% will be for you,
for doing this for me.I urgently await your reply.

Yours Sincerely
Anthony Johnson