From the scam files:

Dear Sir,
I am an undergraduate of the Xiamen University of
China, I am 21 years old and Studying Theology in the
above institution and in my final year, Iam a muslim ,
from Togo of West Africa want to seek your assistance
for a very important and confidential matter as
regards my future. I am from a polygamous home, my
father was a rich man, and I am the first son of my
father. My father married two wives my mum being the
senior wife gave birth to only me while my stepmother
has five (5) children. Unfortunately, in February
2002, I lost my father , he died in ghastly motor
accident in lome while, on his usual business trip.
Due to this incident, there has been problems in my
home, my fathers family and his immediate relations,
including my stepmother are all scrambling for my
dad's wealth.However,As i have just returned from Togo
last month, I got hold of my father's safe and inside
it I got a list of his assets and finances, but the
one of interest to me is a legacy left behind for me.
In it, though dead now,he signed me as his next of
kin. He lodged money in a security company the sum of
US$12,500,000.00 (Twelve million, five hundred
thousand U.S. Dollars) which he left strictly
instructions that upon his death, the money should
only be given to me when I present a foreign investor. With regards to this, and my inexperience to money
matters and an amount of this magnitude . I am hereby
seeking your assistance to help me receive and
transfer this money into your account in your country,
where I shall! finally come to live after my
graduation and the money successfully kept in your
care.In all, I need someone trustworthy to assist me
in not only taking this money out, but should be ready
to help me manage this money into any profitable
business of your choice wisely, infact be my fund/
investor manager. You will be compensated with the sum
of $1.5million of the total sum.In respect of the
above, if you are ready to assist me, I want you to
refer back to me immediately via my e-mail .Thanks for going through this letter. Best Regard,
Lati frank