From the scam files:

Plot 12 GARKI - WUSE STR.,
IKOYI-AJAH, Nigeria.


My Dear Friend,

I am DR. ADAMS WELLINGTON, Executive Director in charge of Claims and
Indemnity of Lion Assurance Company Ltd. I joined the Services of the above
firm in 1975. The company has a strong Asset Base of over Four Hundred and
Eithy Million United States Dollars (US$480M Dollars) and is a major force
in Nigeria's Insurance Industry. General Insurance, Marine and Life
Assurance are but some of the services rendered by the company. In my
capacity over the years as the Head of Claims and Indemnity Department, I
have been in most cases coming across several unclaimed Life
Assurance Benefits of both Foreigners and Nigerians. These claims amount to
several MILLIONS in International Currency Denominations.

The Nigeria Insurance Law on unclaimed benefits stipulates under-seciton 7
subsection 10 cap 15 Laws of the Federation, that Once such unclaimed
benefits have over stayed a maximum moratorium period of Ten years, it
should be returned and forfeited to the Government treasury. It is
disheartening to learn that instead of such funds to be properly utilized
by Government, some corrupt officials working in the ministry of social
welfare often end up pocketing and enriching themselves with such unclaimed
benefits as against humanitarian purposes they are supposed to Serve.

A pathetic case that prompted my desire to contact you is that of MR. MARK
PETERSON, a native of the now Break-up Republic of Yugoslavia. This man was
our client and has a Life Assurance Policy worth Thirty Five Million United
States Dollars (US$35,000,000.00). MR. MARK PETERSON, died about nine
years ago in a Helicopter Crash on an Offshore Crude Oil Exploration in
Port Harcourt and has long been buried. The only known relation of his in
our records died during the civil war in Yoguslavia and ever since, all
eforts made by us to establish contacts with any other of his relation has
proved unseccessful.

His Assurance Policy will expire in the next few months from the date of
this letter. Just last week we received an instruction from Ministry of
Social Welfare to forward particulars of all unclaimed benefits that will
expire in the next few months. It is not my intention to allow some
corrupt government officials to line their pocket this time around. In view
of the above situation, coupled with my past experiences with government
officials, I decided to contact you immediately for your assistance and
urgent cooperation. The assistance I require from you is quite simple, to
provide an account where these funds could be transfered into in your

We have all Modalities set and I shall personally ensure the Affidavit of
Claims by a Senior Attorney here that will ensure that all Judicial Papers
will be perfected in order to officially recognise you as a distant cousin
of MR. MARK PETERSON. Hence, you shall Receive the US$35Million in your own
Account as the Next of Kin to Mr. Mark Peterson. Once this is done, I would
use my office to ensure a hitch-free success in tranferring the funds to
your nominated overseas account, which will take about Seven working days.

Please note, that I am moved to do this business because I am about to
retire from active service and this is the only opportunity to "Make Hay
While the Sun Shines". Time is of great essence in this matter and I do
hope that you will appreciate these circumstances. Regarding the mode of
sharing I and a colleague of mine (only involved) have agreed to concede
30% of the total sum to you provided that you maintain the absolte
confidentility of this business. 5% will be set aside for expenses
generally, while the remaining 65% will be for both myself and my only
Colleague. For any additional information you may need, contact me on my
personal email:

Your early response to this matter is needed and I expect you to send your
Reply only to my Private Email Address:

Thank you and God blessings.

Kind Regards,


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