From the scam files:


I am a working in china bank on post chief accountant in our bank.Last month Mr. david Norg open account in our bank and he is deposit $1000million doller in our babk , but badly in a aeroplane crash he is dead with his family. After checking our bank no one benifciar was found in his family.After my sarch i am find that he want to to send money to his wife bank account and he is fill or bank nomination formby his wife.But badly is wife also dead with him.So no one claim money then our bank law
if with in one year no one claim money the money will transfer by our bank name .
I does not want to go money in curupt offcer.
I want to claim you becaus are live in another country. If you are interested send me full your name , address, tell no .and which bank account you want to transfer money send all bank details.
I want only 50% of money from that acount and you can get 50% money ..
I you are agree tell me your answer.I can prove that you are benifitiar .

Sincierly ,
Blee Wang