From the scam files:


I carefully considered sending you this mail, after
series of discussions with my junior sister concerning going
into partnership business with you. However, this is
an urgent passionnate plea for your assistance and
help, because of my present predicaments. So I would
like you carefully consider this mail and treat it as
very confidential for us to achieve the success of it,
and give me a prompt response.

Iam MISS JOY ROBINSON. the daugther of Dr Philip ROBINSON

the former director general of Sierra-leone Gold and
diamond corporation who was assasinated by the rebels
loyal to Foday Sankoh the (R U F) leader; I managed
to escape my country with my sister LOVENA, with the
sum of $13.3 MILLION dollars concealed in a metallic
trunk boxes belonging to our late father , I
discovered this box which contains this money
in my fathers,under ground room while
searching for our belonging in readiness to flee my
country for safety.

After his assasination my FATHER'S friend who
operates a fishing trawler along the west africa
coastal line assisted us in moving this boxes to
Abidjan Cote d Ivoire where Iam presently residing as
refugee with my junior sister. On our arrival to Cote d' Ivoire,

I deposited the boxes with a private security and
trust company here under special arrangement as
family valaubles by this way, the security company
does not know the real content of the boxes for
security reason.
The deposit document issued to me are Available and
can be sent to you on request. So all am asking from
you is to assist me by coming over to Abidjan Cote d'
Ivoire, and help me to claim this money from the
security company and pay it into a domicilliary
account here you will open with any of the
international bank for onward transfer to your
account in your country for a profitable business
investment. Moreover,Dear,I am willing to offer you 15%of the
total sum as compensation for your effort/input,

as a refugee here I cannot open an account
with my name or my junior sister name.

Looking forward to hearing from you.