From the scam files:

My Dear Friend,

Pardon me for the mode that I have chosen to contact you, inappropriate
maybe, but prompted by utmost need and urgency.
Be informed that this is a sensitive proposition for assistance that must
be kept between the two of us in confidence. Express your acceptance of
this term when you

I am Shaun Wrights the personal accounting officer to Late Mr. John
Schelpert , a foreign business man who is formerly residing in the federal
Republic of benin.

He died in the Iran Air subsidiary Iran Air Tours that killed 199 aboard
on February 12, 2003, a Russian-made Tupolev Tu-154 passenger jet, owned by
Iran Air subsidiary Iran Air Tours,
crashed after aking off from Tehran en route to Khorramabad. For details :

However,he did not leave a Beneficiary to be reached in such event and
his bank account has been under the dormant status for more than fifteen
months now without any claim for the fund in the custody of the bank and i
have received notice as his accounting officer to provide his next of kin
to claim the funds valued at 4.5Million Pounds.
The plan is for you to put claim over this fund as the bonafide Beneficiary
and signatury to the deceased, getting the required approval and
transferring this money to your account has been put in place by myself .
Directives and needed information will be given as soon as you indicate
your desire to assist us. It will be worth noting that, as far as you have
an insiders like me to work with in this very scheme, this is 100% risk

On conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 40%of he total
sum,being your reward for your valued assistance, the remaining 60% will be
for myself. I will be mornitoring the whole situation there in the Republic
of benin until you confirm the money in your account, then i will come to
your country for my share .

If you can do your part, take your share and keep it cofidential then,
respond immediately, sending me your full name, postal address and contact
phone number, failure to send these details requested herein when you
respond, will indicate your unwillingness to assist in this regard,and will
meet with my silence. Private e-mail: (

Yours faithfully,

Mr.Shaun Wrights
London, U K.