The Great Nigerian Internet Scam
and the fun you can have with it

People are so kind. This lovely lady is trying her best to find a kind soul to help her husband.


I hope you receive this mail in good health, I am writing on behalf of my husband who is in a military hospital in Europe. I am writing to seek for your assistance in securing the sum of US$16M into your bank account. The fund was aquired during a service with a Military Relief Organization in a war turned country. My husband cannot receive the fund without the help of a nuetral person like you and his situation now does not enable him move around. The entire operation is 100% risk free having put all modalities in place for smooth transfer.

A handsome reward awaits you in percentage of the total sum if you will be interested to work with me. Please get in touch with me fast if you will be interested to work with me, try also to maintain a high level of confidentiality even if you are not in the position to work with me.

Susan Draper
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What is a "war turned country" ? Is it one pointing the wrong way because of conflict ? Did it rotate around its "axis of evil" ?


I am very sorry to hear of your husbands problems. Of course I will help in any way I can. I ask only a modest fee which I am sure we can come to terms on.

Which country was your husband fighting in when he aquired this money ?


Well I had to ask didn't I ? After all one of the maps in my atlas needs rotating and I need to know which one. It seemed sensible to start negotiations early with this one, time is money after all.

Dear Parker,

Thanks for your interest in assisting us regarding this project. I contacted you based on trust hoping that we shall get to know each other very well and establish a lasting relationship through this transaction. I want you to know that transactions like this requires utmost confidentiality, honesty, trust, carefulness and prompt communication from both party, I hope you will not betray the trust and confidence myself and my husband is about to repose on you now and after the successful conclusion of this deal. My husband is the chief procurement officer of the Military Relief Group (MRG), International chapter.

Like I said, the transfer and the entire operation is legitimate as we shall receive all back up documents that will cover the fund through the Military Relief Group (MRG)

Once my husband finalized all arrangements and discussions with you, he will register your name as a supplier to MRG International chapter and also give you the security codes of the deposit which you will use to write an application for payment claim and fax to the army body (MRG) It will be the duty of the Military relief Group to process the legal documents that will back the deposit in your name and instruct the payment to be made to you through the International Payment Center Netherlands. The fund will be coming to you as supply of relief materials you made to the Military Relief Group. It does not matter the country you come from, as far as you have the security codes of the deposit, you are in the position to receive the fund into your personal or company bank account. Every odalities to smooth and successful transfer are already in place.

Through this process, your bank or government will not question you on the source of the fund as the International Payment Center through the international banking community will clear the fund and ascertain that the fund is free from all financial crimes. That is one of the reasons why you should keep this deal between us alone as we are yet to receive the legal documents, also to avoid jeopardy or scandal/blackmail in the future.

As soon as the transfer is done and the fund confirmed into your bank account, you shall receive 20% of the total sum as your share, 5% is set aside to settle every expenses like phone bills, hotel and travel expenses and any other form of expenses made by both parties during the course of the transfer while 75% is for my husband. As we progress, we shall arrange for meeting to see face to face before the arrival of the fund into your bank account. You do not need to discuss this matter with anybody even your bank for now until we find it good to do so.

Kindly get in touch with me fast if the condition of sharing is acceptable to you and also send your contact telephone number to enable my husband call you. Please use the above email address for all future correspondences

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation
Yours faithfully
Susan Draper

Your kids can now chat online in a safe, controlled environment!

Pretty poor. Not even the slightest attempt to tailor the standard scam mail to my reply. I still don't know which country needs turning around and neither does anyone else. Imaging the problems pilots will have when they try to find airports ?

To be honest it this scammer can't even be bothered to do a little work then they don't deserve much of my time. Scumbags.

The plan sounds bery promising. However I will require 25% for my trouble, not the 20% you have allowed. This is in addition to the 5% planned for expenses. On my part I will keep the expenses as low as possible and allow you to retain any excess.

I hope this seems reasonable. It has always been my policy to negotiate at the start of a deal so all parties know where they stand. As you say, we must base this relationship on trust.

You can rely on me to ensure COMPLETE confidentaility. We certainly don't want word of this deal getting out until both your husband and I have the money in safety.

OK, lets see if they will negotiate a bit. I think from the tone of my mail they can assume that I am an expert in these sort of negotiations. Probably one of those muppets who appear in the papers having sent their life savings to someone who said they had won a gold mine in a raffle.

Dear Parker,

Thanks for responding, Kindly send me your full contact information together with your telephone number so that my husband will call you to finalize negotiations. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and understanding.

"Dear Parker" ?! What is this ? Am I conversing with Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds ? This response is defintly not "Very good M'lady"


I'm glad to hear your husband is up and about and able to talk to me on the telephone. I assume he is feeling much better.

Unfortunatly I will be out of the country for a couple of days on business so you won't be able to catch me by telephone. If you send me e-mail though, I will be able to pick this up on my Rasberry device - quite how I managed without this I'll never know ! It never leaves my side so I will be able to give the negotiations my utmost attention whereever I am.



Well if they can't make much of an effort, then neither can I. I'm not stupid enough to send my 'phone number, although if I could record the call it would be interesting.
Anyway, I've not had a reply to this mail so I assume they are too stupid and lazy to bother any more.

Notes: These letters are genuine and were sent and received in December 2003.