I don't own any Box Company specific stock but since my other layouts Melbridge Dock and The Hellingly Hospital Railway are home to many, many tiny locomotives ideally suited to the line. Anything small and short wheelbased does the job. Larger locos look a bit silly though, an 08 will fit through the arch but just looks too bulky for the rest of the model. Of course that doesn't stop me running a Garratt when I want to, but then it's my train set so I'll do what I like !

Planet Diesel The Planet is a Nonniminstre whitemetal kit running on a re-wheeled Tenshodo SPUD.

The model was assembled with Zap-a-Gap superglue well over a decade ago and is still holding together despite being bounced around in my stock box all this time.
The weight of the body makes the SPUD more controllable although the top speed is still on the high side.




The Y7 is a Steve Barnfield etched brass kit made up by the man himself, although painted by me.
A Mashima can motor powers the compensated chassis at a nice walking pace if required.





02 Diesel

A Craftsman etched kit for the BR 02 diesel. Since the prototype was a replacement for the famed L&Y Pugs it's a pretty good choice for this small a model.
The loco runs another Mashima motor on a solid chassis. With the same wheelbase & wheel size as the Y7 it runs just as well making the case for compensating 0-4-0 locos in OO pretty unconvincing, to me at least.




To finish, how about an ex-L&Y Pug. This is the Dapol model currently available from Hornby.
It's still a nice locomotive and despite its cheapo motor and gears, still performs shunting duties very reasonably. I've added a blast deflector as seen on the locomotives used in Liverpool Dock underneath the Overhead Railway, or Dockers Umbrella.

VW pickups

The VW Van is simply a re-painted Husky model. It's about the right size and was picked up at a swapmeet for about 4 quid - less than a whitemetal kit would have been. The livery is copied from a prototype van.