Melbridge Dock
built by Brian and Phil Parker


Overall View of the layout in the 1990's

Melbridge Dock represents a small part of a (fictitious) large dockyard complex somewhere near the border between England and Scotland. The period is between 1952 and 1965. Steam traction is being ousted by diesel, but a variety of both types can still be seen operating. Many of the locomotives have been designed especially for dockyard use where tight curves preclude anything larger. Road transport is increasing in prominence, whilst two of the last operating Clyde “Puffers” are moored at the quayside.

Originally designed to be small enough to be put up quickly in a normal domestic room and be compact enough to fit in a Mark 1 Ford Fiesta, the layout still provides entertaining  operation. It was also a break from country branchlines that were so common when we built the layout in the late 1980's and provided the opportunity to produce some big buildings. Even after over 80 exhibition appearances we still don't get bored operating - mind you we only

Hopefully the details on this website will help answer some of the questions that we have been asked in the twenty years we have been exhibiting Plan of Melbridge Dock - See Layout construction section for size details. the layout around the UK. I have included some of the prototype photographs that were used in the construction of the model as well as some general views of the layout that hopefully show some of the atmosphere we have tried to create.

If you have any questions, please email me and as well as answering them, I will update the site so that it is more interesting for future visitors.

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