Melbridge Dock

Just a few more pictures that didn't seem to fit anywhere else on the site.

Cranes ! - Southern crane tank, mobile crane and warehouse hoist.Cranes ! - Southern crane tank, mobile crane and warehouse hoist with the puffer's derrick just out of shot The 07 shunts the loop whiule Dougie argues with Para Handy.The 07 Diesel hauls vans out of the headshunt.
Y7 shunter on the quayside.Y7 on the quayside. Y8 working the passenger train. This stock is based on the Devenport Dockyard set. All the carriages are scratchbuilt. Even the Dock has a passenger train ! Based on the Devenport Dockyard  set, all the coaches are scratchbuilt.
Melbridge DockThe mobile crane is converted from a lorry in the Airfix recovery set. It sits on a scratchbuilt base with Langley wheels. Melbridge Dock06 Diesel in the headshunt.
Melbridge DockDock tank by the Harbour masters office Melbridge DockIt's my train set so if I want to shunt with a Garratt then I will do !
BBC filming Melbridge Dock The BBC films the layout and breaks a buffer stop in the process. More on this here. First train of the dayOur first train of the day is always operated by the 03. Pure superstition but that's the way we do it.
0-4-2 on Melbridge DockZ5 and greenery Taking photos for Hornby magazineTaking photos for the Hornby Magazine article